-25° Freezer Temperature
60 min Time it takes from 0 to -25°
0 Freon Insulation materials
(Ozone friendly)
100 % Recyclable aluminum

Ideal for Cold Storage Distribution

Ice Cream

Powerful lightweight compact truck

Transcending your business, that is the core of what the Isuzu Traviz truly is. Built with the strength of the Isuzu trucks and the body size of a pick-up, the Isuzu Traviz is the City Approach truck that your business needs.

With a modern design and compact body build, the Traviz is ready to take your business wherever it needs to go, whether on narrow city streets or rough dirt roads.

With its comfortable and new cabin design coupled with the Isuzu Blue Power Engine, the Traviz keeps you and your business safe with better visibility, easier maneuverability and its fuel efficiency.

The Isuzu Traviz, the lightweight yet powerful business partner.
1.6T Payload
2.5 Liter Blue Power Diesel Engine
78 hp At 3,900 rpm
3 year
Or 100,000 km

6 things on transporting anti-Covid vaccines

January 14, 2021

Much has been said about the enormous challenge in transporting and storing anti-Covid vaccines once they leave the factory due to the low temperatures required for its storage and transportation. This is especially true in developing countries with few or even no ultra-low temperature cold storage facilities, with not very many refrigerated vans for transport and with not much developed road network to reach the rural areas. Even hospitals may now have to set up cold storage facilities considering that they need to store two vials per patient with the second dose to be delivered about 2 to 3 weeks after the first dose. Finally, considering that without ultra-low cold storage facilities, the vaccine has a limited shelf life. So, the supply chain to cover the 7,100 islands of the Philippines must be seamless and trouble-free.

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Our Strengths

Cooltech Japan Quality embodies the philosophy of Japanese Quality when it comes to adhering to world class standards, high quality materials, stringent fabrication and assembly processes, and quality control procedures. Through close supervision and technology transfer, CFCI is able to produce components, panels and entire truck bodies that match the modern design, global standards and long lasting durability similar products that are made in Japan.

Insulated Sandwich PanelExtruded PolystreneSeamless Aluminum CoilOne-stop Shop

2-inches thick IPS for dry van

3-inches thick IPS for chiller van

4-inches thick IPS for freezer van
A flat panel made up of three layers: Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) insulating material and aluminum sheets on each side bonded thru a mechanical equipment. These are then cut to size into kits based on the truck platform on which it will be mounted and the refrigeration system to be used.

Centro Nippon Fruehauf Cooltech, Inc. (CFCI) uses state of the art Computer Numerically Controlled equipment. These include a 3-in-1 Uncoiler/Leveler/Shear Machine, Vertical Panel Saw, Glue Dispenser, Vacuum Press, and Router Machine.

Advantages of Extruded Polystyrene over Injected Polyurethane:
  • Almost the same Thermal Conductivity
  • Lower price
  • The amount of water absorption is comparatively lower
  • Longer life
  • The first non-Freon high performance insulation material thus does not destroy the ozone layer

Advantages of one-piece, seamless aluminum coil over fiberglass:
  • Better flexural strength
  • Lighter in weight
  • Beautiful surface appearance
  • Better ultraviolet (UV) resistance
  • Better ageing resistance
  • Easier to clean due to low dirt adhesion
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Can be recycled 100%
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Dry Van



The CFCI Sterling plant

Cooltech RefVan Production Line

Location: Sterling Technopark
Address: Block 5, Barangay Lantic, Carmona, Cavite
Number of lots: Six (6)


Lot Area

Manufacturing Plant

The structure houses an office mezanine, a conerence room, a visitors lobby, an overhead crane and 5 kinds of specialized machines.


The Uncoiler Machine, Adhesive Machine, Vacuum Press Machine, Router Machine, and Vertical Panel Saw
8 hrs Operation
60 ref-vans per month
60 dry-vans per month

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